Welcome to Dasa2!

Dasa2 is the first platform of its kind that offers the best in class tutors.

The founders of Dasa2 are Samvel Hovhannisyan, and his wife Sofya Darbinyan, who have various academic and professional backgrounds share one common belief - education is the key to the future.

They believe that the best thing they can and should provide for their kids is knowledge, thus changing their lives for the better.

The primary reason behind opening the online educational school DASA2 is to make sure that children all over the world have access to quality education and exceptionally useful lessons.

We distinguish ourselves with several options that we think are unique to our service:

Best Tutors

First and foremost, we choose the best tutors. We define the best as professional, experienced, responsible, caring and flexible enough to create unique curriculums for our students

Students' Needs

We understand our students' needs with an orientation call and discussion prior to assigning them to tutors


The first onboarding meeting is always a video call with a detailed discussion of your goals. You also decide your schedules with the tutors and set up your profile with the help of our administrative assistant.

Multiple Tutors

Although you are one on one with the tutors, you have our full backup whenever it comes to changes, such as schedules, learning styles or strategies.

Honest Cooperation

There are no contracts and/or hidden fees! We offer non-sectarian services.

Understanding Of Communities

We understand our communities around the world and it is based on our knowledge and experience. Our founders have lived in Europe and the US half of their lives and are raising 3 kids.

After the interview our tutors undergo several trainings, if needed, aiming to meet our students’ goals. Before assigning students to a certain tutor we also discuss your goals, understand what would be the best option for you as a student. We are kind of a virtual online tutoring boutique where you can learn Chess in Armenian or English, Japanese, Russian, French in English, etc. In a nutshell, we find the most enthusiastic tutors and connect them to best matching students.

Custom-tailored and top notch are the adjectives to best describe the service we provide. Dedication and care are the qualities we train constantly both within our team and with our students.

Our customers include students from Australia, Singapore to France, Germany, USA, Canada and other countries. Get in touch with our onboarding specialists or read questions and answers sections to learn more. We offer non-discriminatory classes.

It is with our personal experience that we understand what exactly our students and their parents need and expect. Both my wife and I have extensively traveled, gotten education and lived abroad and had an opportunity to be in the place of our clients. We also face the need to provide our children with top notch education. We had the chance to acknowledge the dedication and commitment Armenian teachers grant our children and it is one of the numerous reasons we decided to launch this project. We provide education and nurturing, care and fun, productivity and enduring achievements.

Expert Teachers