Armenian Language Course Details

We offer best-in-class tutors for languages. Whether it's for business communication, exams, or just a fun thing to do, our tutors will custom tailor a course for reading, writing, listening, or communications. Depending on the student's level, age, and goals, we will guide you for the best results. The curriculums we use are already proven to be successful, and most of the students continue lessons even after successfully passing their exams.

First and foremost, dasa2 is famous for its Armenian tutors who teach both Eastern and Western Armenian. As native speakers of the ancient language, they share their knowledge with youth from 30+ countries around the world. We also professionally tutor: Russian, French, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Arabic, Iranian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, and more.

What you’ll learn?

  • Alphabets including how to read and write
  • All sounds and system sounds
  • Individual words and phrases as a beginner in communication
  • Discrete sentences and you will be able to initiate, maintain simple conversations
  • Narrate and describe in major time frames and deal effectively with an unanticipated compilation
  • Discuss topics extensively, support opinions, and hypothesize.
  • Deal with a linguistically unfamiliar situation

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